Lead Promotion

Vendor VIP Codes

Show managers can allocate VIP codes to vendors as a booking incentive or part of booth packages, allowing vendors to offer free or discounted registrations to new or existing customers.

Virtual Booth Itinerary

A customized post show e-mail sent to attendees including web site links to the vendors they visited during the show. Show managers can incorporate material about the next show and any other follow-up information.

Exhibit Hall Passport

Attendees can now pre-plan their exhibit hall visit based on product type! Attendees can research vendors during the registration process, boosting vendor/product awareness.

Interactive Floor Plans

A user-friendly, interactive floor plan is added to the organization's web site allowing attendees to visualize the exhibit hall floor before they arrive.


An interactive touch screen board placed on the exhibit floor allows attendees to instantly locate vendors based on product information or company name, mapping out the best route to the booth(s) they wish to visit.

*This system can also be used for course locations/ mapping and scrolling course listings.

PCI compliance

QMS Services, Inc. is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, verified by the Visa U.S.A. Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP).

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